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Imagination, Magic, Fables, Inspiration, Folklore, Fantasy

Natural, Organic, Refreshing, Crisp, Clean, Simple

Warm, Bold, Woody, Stodgy, Hearty, Substantial

Cool, Electric, Programmed, Calculating, Artificial, Complex, Cyborg, Robots

Intutive, Easygoing, Relaxing, Peaceful, Simple, Quiet, Spiritual, Buddha

Calm, Sullen, Sad, Intellectual, Cerebral, Withdrawing, Morose, Self-Absorbed

Passionate, Reactive, Powerful, Strength, Action, Attack, Fight

Sensitive, Amorous, Emotional, Compassionate, Vivacious, Erotic, Love

Energetic, Stimulating, Enthusiastic, Motivational, Active, Exercise, Dance, Sports

Cheerful, Youthful, Hopeful, Bright, Clarity, Positive, Optimistic

Ethereal, Cloudy, Muddled, Uncertain, Foggy, Indistinct, Mysterious, Unknown, Obscure, Empty

Angry, Terrified, Frightened, Evil, Scary, Supernatural, Shocking, Abrassive

About Free Soundtrack Music Color Tones Track Search

Can music be described with reference to colors? Probably not with any real degree of accuracy, but for some who may find the text descriptions at FSM can get too long-winded, a simple color code may be a welcome alternative. This new feature of the FSM Stock Music Library search engine allows film and video producers to find matches for their music requirements based on colors. Colors have long been associated with moods and much has been written about how specific colors effect human emotions (and human psychology in general). The descriptive terms matched with each color in the color chart above are derived from a survey of literature from different disciplines - but ultimately emotional associations will be subjective.