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About Composer Ilya Truhanov:

The professional music career of Ilya Truhanov started in 1996 when he and fellow guitarist Ilya Kukalo created the duet "Acoustic Band". In the beginning they played in Moscow clubs and a bit later they toured in Russia and some post-USSR countries. In 2000, "Acoustic Band" won grand-prix at Russian contest "Guitar - 2000". Russian magazines and publications such as "Music Box", "In/Out", "Guitarist" and others responded to their music with rapturous praise. In 2002 the duet won first place at the "Many-Faced Guitar" contest in the "fusion" category. The same year they released the first album "Pieces for the two guitars" (all the music was composed by Ilya). After it they were invited to take part in the "Best Guitarists of Russia" fest, and even Al Dimeola, who was playing shows in Moscow that time, had high compliments for their playing. In 2003 "Acoustic Band" released "Tango-Mango" album and after it Ilya Truhanov began on his solo carrer. With his band (guitar, cello, drums) he won in "Acoustic Guitar" and "Many-Faced Guitar" contests and in 2004 the album "Dreams of Paspartu" was recorded. The next CD "Trio" was an experiment with more modern sound and traditional rock-band instruments as guitar, electric bass and drums. In 2006 year Ilya and his trio were sharing the stage of "Musicfest" show with Jean Luc Ponty, Steve Baily, Rishad Shafi and others. Ilya was awarded by The Festival Committee for contribution into development of musical education and keeping the cultural heritage of Russia. In 2007-2008 Ilya was collaborating with very talented pianist Alexander Losev. In 2009, Ilya finished the "Far and Wide" album which represents a new musical direction. He has rethought his approach for composing music. The music of this album is not the traditional acoustic guitar music with ultra-fast passages and mind-blowing fingerstyle equilibristic. It is multi-layered and melodic, emotional and figurative. Of course, you can hear some speed runs and other technical tricks with which Ilya is known for, but only when they make sense as elements of the arrangement. Sound production was also a very important consideration on the "Far and Wide" album: it was produced and mixed by the great Russian musician/producer Alexander Perfilyev and mastered by legendary Bob Katz. Now Ilya is working on another new album - but that is another story. Truhanov also collaborates with different Russian pop/rock singers/bands/musicians, works as a session musician and gives lessons.

Video of "Cowboy Junkies" by Ilya Truhanov:

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