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Hello everybody! My name is Joerg Schnitzler, born in 1963. I live in Krefeld near Dusseldorf which is the town of my birth and the capitol of Northrhine-Westfalia, Germany. My first impressions of music were movie soundtracks, and the soundtracks of some German television series that I watched as a very young child. Those impressive tunes stuck with me all of the time, and I had fun with changing the melodies in my mind. Unfortunately my family did not provide for any musicial education, so I had no chance to learn to play an instrument in my childhood. However, around 1980 we had a very active punk and German new-wave scene in Dusseldorf and I started hanging around with bands, learning a bit of singing and playing the bass guitar. My influences were very much bands like Joy Division, The Doors, some Depeche Mode plus some cool German Bands like Fehlfarben. (Also, some good reggae music). In the mid ninetees I got a broken Korg Polysix analogue Synthesizer and began my first compositions and recordings after having restored it. Shortly after that I began to work with the computer. I had an important interception as I started to use the Tomb Raider Leveldesigner Software and began to build custom levels for good old Lara Croft. These were huge projects that nearly took me about a year for each big level. For me it was important to learn to focus on creative work and I learned a lot about the creative process... After that I started again with music and I made different music of a style one cannot really describe -more or less dark wave inspired- but I also did some hiphop, and experimental things. As I said already - my first love as a child were movie soundtracks and as a consequence I found my way back and began writing soundtracks for use in video or movie projects. What helped me a lot is that I love operas. I am a great fan of Mozart, some Verdi too. I feel honoured to work with great musicians here on this site in this project. Wonderful! Thanks for reading and spending your time...

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