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I am submitting my video to compete in a video competion. The videos may be shown on TV and the competition organizers want written clearance for all music used in the video. Can you give me a signed license agreement?

The same conditions apply as to those who need documentation for the YouTube revenue sharing program. Because of the additional time involved in preparing license agreements, a document creation fee of $25.00 USD is required for each document requested. This may seem unfair when considering that the music offered at freesoundtrackmusic.com is royalty free (and in many cases completely free of any charges): but you must consider that the greater majority of site subscribers and occasional users do not require any written license documentation. The licensing fees charged by freesoundtrackmusic.com can be kept at the current low-budget level only as long as administrative overhead is kept to a minimum. If you need proof of music license documentation for your film competition submission, please contact info@freesoundtrackmusic.com.