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I bought a "12 - track download pack". Some of the songs that I want to use are "FREE". If I download the free tracks while I am logged in, will they count against my total credits?

No. You can download and use as many of the FREE tracks as you want without affecting your total number of download credits. Credits are deducted only when you download tracks labeled with a "[1 credit]" usage status. Also, because you have purchased a subscription, you may use any of the "FREE" tracks without including a notice crediting freesoundtrackmusic.com.

Profiles of soundtrack composers/producers who post their music to freesoundtrackmusic.com:
[Aleksandra Siemieniuk] [Arif_Banto] [C.P.Bryan]
[Enrico Altavilla] [IAMBRAHMS]
[Ilya Truhanov] [John Bannister] [Mike Vekris] [Rick Dickert]
[Sergey Rybytskyy] [Steve Lowther]
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