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As a registered user of the FSM service, how long can I make "royalty free" use of the music I download?

"Your FAQ mentioned that purchasing credits would enable me to become a subscriber for 60 days. During those 60 days, if I were to download both free and paid sound tracks, how long can I use those sound tracks without including a notice crediting freesoundtrackmusic.com? Is it for only the duration of those 60 days, or can I do so with unlimited period?
In other words, after those 60 days, if I do not purchase another download credit from freesoundtrackmusic.com, will I have to include attribution notice for freesoundtrackmusic.com for both the free and paid sound tracks I downloaded from freesoundtrackmusic.com?"

You can continue to use the tracks WITHOUT including text notices which credit the composer/producer in your videos for an unlimited period of time after your 60 day subscription period expires. This applies to ALL of the tracks that you may have downloaded DURING that 60 day period (both "FREE" and "1-credit") tracks.