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Are the music files also available in .WAV or .AIFF format?
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It looks like the freesoundtrackmusic service only has MP3 format music files. Is it possible to download the music in .WAV or .AIFF format. I want to have the highest quality file format to use in the soundtrack of my video.

The sound recordings available through freesoundtrackmusic.com are available in MP3 format only. The composers/producers who post their music to the FSM library are requested to submit MP3s with a minimum quality of 192 kHz (which for most people should be indistinguishable from CD quality WAV files). A large percentage of the recordings in the FSM library are actually higher qualtiy than this: either 224 or 320 kHz. Audiophiles and perfectionists may not be impressed, but using compressed files saves a lot of disk storage space and file transfer bandwidth - both of which are important considerations in keeping operating costs down. The objective is to keep the service affordable for film students as well as amateur and semi-pro video producers who cannot afford the costs of premium music licensing services which offer uncompressed WAV files. (Besides, most recent video editing software packages allow MP3 format audio files without conversion to WAV or AIFF.)