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Music Library Login Issue #2:

I purchased F.S.M. download credits through PayPal and am using what should be the correct login details, but for some reason the system won't let me log in.

There are 2 situations that could apply:
  1. Wrong Email Address: Sometimes the email address supplied by PayPal to freesoundtrackmusic.com is not the one you may expect. If you have used PayPal before in the past, they may have multiple email addresses listed with your account, and an older one may be designated by them as your default email address which is supplied to businesses who you make purchases from. If you find that you can't log in with what you believe should be the correct email address + password combination, check your PayPal account to see if you have an older email address on file with them which is designated as your default email address.
  2. Non-English Characters in your name: The default password is made up of your combined first and last names but what if you have a non-English name? The freesoundtrackmusic.com system program code can only recognize English letters (characters from the English alphabet). To avoid problems, the program code which creates your initial password will substitute the English letter "x" for any character in your name which is not from the English alphabet. For example, if your name is "Björk Jackson" try "bjxrkjackson" as your password.
Password Retrieval:
In the case of lost passwords, or if for some reason the system does not seem to accept the password you are trying to enter, there is another way to retrieve the password associated with your account: You can use the password retrieval form (requires PayPal transaction ID or order number). If, for some reason you still can't retrieve the password for your account, email support @ info@freesoundtrackmusic.com with a message containing your first and last names and we will check the system to see which email address and password were assigned to your order.