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I am a music producer looking for a way to license my music for soundtrack use. If I post my music on freesoundtrackmusic.com, how do I get paid? How do you decide which recording artists are accepted?

If you are a music composer and you think you may want to post your music to the freesoundtrackmusic system, there are a few steps that you need to go through first:
  1. Carefully read the composer's legal agreement document here (it shows how licensing payments are calculated, etc.): Music Composer's Agreement HERE.
  2. Check out the rights and restrictions which apply to clients of the service (music licensees) here: Royalty Free Music Licensee Terms and Rates.
  3. If you agree with the legal arrangements and how the freesoundtrackmusic.com service operates, send an email info@freesoundtrackmusic.com with links to the location of at least 2 of your original compositions which you have posted on The Internet somewhere. Your recordings will be auditioned to see if they could work as soundtrack music alongside the other compositions already available on the freesoundtrackmusic website. (Generally music with too much vocal/lyrical content doesn't really fit.) If your music seems like it might make a good fit, you should get a response within a few days with more information about how to start uploading your music.
  4. Important: Music which is registered with YouTube Content IDs for AdRev monetization on YouTube is not permitted on the freesoundtrackmusic service (it really upsets video producers who pay to license the music and expect no additional copyright hassles from YouTube!).