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Free Soundtrack Music System Login Instructions:
Login instructions:
Your Paypal order will automatically create an account on the freesoundtrackmusic server. The login link is on the top right of the Freesoundtrackmusic home page. Your default login credentials will be the email address that you used to make your Paypal order, plus a password which will be the combination of the first name and last name you used for your PayPal order, without spaces. (For example, if your name is Jane Smith, your initial default password will be assigned by the system as: janesmith.)

Important Notes on Valid Characters:
  • Spaces: If there are any spaces in your first or last names, they will be removed by the system when making your default password. You may change the default password anytime after your first successful login to the system.
  • Apostrophes, dashes, slashes and non-English alphabet characters: Unfortunately, the FSM system does not currently recognize characters beyond the 26 found in the English alphabet. For automatic password generation, any non-alphabetic character will be replaced with the character "x". The first time you log in, you should see your default password displayed on the login screen: please make a note of the default password if your name contains "x"s where non-English characters are usually found.
Renewals:, if you are renewing your account by purchasing additional licensing/download credits, your password WILL NOT BE RESET to your first and last name - it will remain the same as whatever you had set it to previously.

Why didn't you get a confirmation email? The problem with missing confirmation emails is usually due to the increased scrutiny placed on automatic (system-generated) email messages by your email hosting provider for security reasons: If you have an email address from one of the big online email providers (like Yahoo), the account information email from freesoundtrackmusic.com will likely be diverted what is called a "BULK" or "SPAM" folder (depending on your email account security settings). You will probably find the account confirmation email in the folder with one of these (or similar) labels.

Password Retrieval:
In the case of lost passwords, or if for some reason the system does not seem to accept the password you are trying to enter, there is another way to retrieve the password associated with your account: You can use the password retrieval form (requires PayPal transaction ID or order number). If, for some reason you still can't retrieve the password for your account, email support @ info@freesoundtrackmusic.com.