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Why has my YouTube video been flagged with a 3rd-party copyright match?

When composers request to post their music on freesoundtrackmusic.com, they are told NOT to post music which is regsitered with the YouTube Content ID system. However, music composers/producers who post their tracks to freesoundtrackmusic.com do so on a non-exclusive basis. This means that they may have their music listed on other royalty free music sites. Recently, it appears that at least a few of the competing royalty free music services may be registering their contributor's music with the YouTube Content ID System (without the composer's knowledge or approval). The notice accompanying your video may indicate that advertisements may be attached to your video. For any known cases where this has occurred with any of the music currently listed at freesoundtrackmusic.com, the composer (copyright owner) has requested that their music be removed from the advertising revenue program. If advertisements are showing with your video which has been flagged with a copyright match, please email info@freesoudtrackmusic.com with a link to the video.