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AdRev and YouTube "3rd Party Copyright" Notices
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Why are YouTube Ads being inserted into my video?

When composers request to post their music on freesoundtrackmusic.com, they are told NOT to post music which is part of the "AdRev" service or otherwise regsitered with the YouTube Content ID system. However, music composers/producers who post their tracks to freesoundtrackmusic.com do so on a non-exclusive basis. This means that they may have their music listed on other royalty free music sites. Recently, it appears that one of the competing royalty free music services may be registering their contributor's music with the AdRev service (even while they are hosting the music only on a non-exclusive basis). If a music track is registered with AdRev, the video will be flagged with a "3rd party copyright" notice and advertisements may be automatically inserted into videos which are shown on YouTube. Because music is identified on YouTube with an audio fingerprint matching algorithm, if the same music liscensed from freesoundtrackmusic.com is used on YouTube, advertisements may also be inserted. So far, this situation has only applied to a few of the composers who were previously posting their music to freesoundtrackmusic.com (both of of whom have had their listings deactivated as of March 31, 2016.).

**Some users of freesoundtrackmusic.com have successfully contested the "3rd party copyright" notice by asserting that they have already licensed the music from a royalty free service and therefore should NOT have advertisements inserted into their videos. (freesoundtrackmusic.com cannot guarantee that the dispute process will work for all licensees)**