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YouTube Revenue Sharing, License Documents etc...

Can I use your music, in the videos on Youtube partner program revenue sharing?
You can use the same music in more than one video?

YouTube Partner Program and "Proof of License" Documentation:
From the perspective of freesoundtrackmusic.com, registered users of our service are permitted to use downloaded music in an unlimited number of video productions whether on YouTube or whatever other medium. This (registered user's) right of use does not expire when composers remove their tracks from the online service. You may read the agreement which all composers/musicians must agree with here: soundtrack composer's licensing agreement. According to some YouTube channel producers, YouTube may require proof of license in writing. For YouTube partners and other commercial production enterprises, who need formal proof of licensing we may provide an additional document creation service available for a fee of $25.00 USD . Each document can verify licensed use for a list of up to 12 tracks. If you need a proof of license document please contact: info@freesoundtrackmusic.com. Details and links for purchase of subscriptions (licenses) can be found here: Royalty Free Licensing.