Free Soundtrack Music Library System User's Reference Guide:

Registered users have access to the full library of recordings @ They also have use of system functions which are not available to anonymous site visitors. In a nutshell, these additional features are as follows:
Subscribers can:
  • listen to full-length previews of all items available in the production music library
  • do custom searches for track names and descriptions using keywords and phrases of their own choosing
  • build a unique custom list of selected compositions for easy location in future sessions (this function is called the USER TRACKBOARD)
These last few system functions are described in more detail below:

Custom Searches:
Subscribers are not limited to the pre-fab example search results found on the static demonstration pages. Just type in any keyword(s) or phrase(s) into the search input box(es) and hit "GO" to get a listing of royalty free music which fits any criteria you need for your video production. Each search request does a non-case-sensitive search of track descriptions and names - so that if you think you remember a name of a track that you previewed and want to listen to again, but do not know how to find it in the freesoundtrackmusic library, just type the name in the search box:

Custom search input boxes available to registered users:

Secondary search terms are useful for narrowing down the scope of track listings to more closely fit the requirements of your production. Only recordings which contain BOTH of the requested search terms will be returned in the search results. If you do not require a secondary search term, leave the second input box set to "OPTIONAL" (so that it will be ignored by the server).

User Trackboard:
After logging on to the system, you will see that all listed music recordings now have a little thumbtack icon situated directly in front of the track name and description. If you click this icon, this track will be "tacked on" to your own custom music list (as you might stick a "postit note" to the side of your computer monitor). This "trackboard" listing is always located at the top right hand corner of the your current freesoundtrackmusic page, and does not get lost if you change search criteria or log out of the system. Important Note: Adding tracks to your custom "trackboard" does not affect your download credit balance in any way: Just "tacking" these tracks does not mean you have purchased them for licensing, just that you have made a link for easy access, which will be helpful when comparing the suitability of different tracks for a given video production or multimedia project you may have in mind.

example of the TRACKBOARD feature of the free soundtrack music system:

These expanded system features are available to anyone who has bought download credits (even just a single download credit purchase will do). ALL USER ACCOUNTS are valid for a period of 60 days after purchase of download credit(s). (Any time after expiry, any new download credit purchase will renew the account for an additional 60 days.)

To purchase download credits, go to the BUY CREDITS page.