Music For Singers - For Vocalists Looking for Original Music
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Are you a vocalist searching for original music to sing to?

There are many sites which allow you to download mp3 files to sing along to. They may be re-recordings of top pop hits or your personal favourites to help you develop your craft as a vocalist. This may be OK for producing demos for auditioning purposes, but even if your vocals are great, who really wants to listen to a recording where the backing music sounds like it came from a Karaoke machine? If you really want to establish a unique voice and identity as an original artist, you need original music. Since 2008, composer and producer C.P.Bryan has been developing a library of compositions for royalty free use in video soundtracks. Many of these compositions were originally composed in the verse-chorus format more suitable for songs with lyrics (rather than as instrumental background music). In addition, his online royalty free music service was developed to provide a user-friendly interface to allow film and video producers to search for and locate the right music for their projects...

New Additions for Spring 2017: In April 2017, I produced some new electronic jazz tracks with my collaborators from "Stargazer Jazz". Although these compositions may be quite different from the majority of the other recordings on offer in the "Music For Singers" portfolio, I think there is a defintie opportunity for lyricists who are interested in the modern jazz-funk genres....

Track #Track NamePreview
01The Little Prometheus audition
02Bleak House of Funk audition
03Heavy Mellow Cruise preview
04Heavy Mellow Mood preview

PREVIOUSLY RELEASED ORIGINAL TRACKS (Produced by C.P.Bryan) : This is the original batch of music on offer, suitable for techno-pop oriented artists:
Track #Track NamePreview
01I Dream of Summer audition
02Truck Stop Go-Go Dancer audition
03Warm Winds Fadeout preview
04Glade Beyond The Pines preview
Track #Track NamePreview
05Bright Night Sky audition
06Under The Cobblestones...The Beach! preview
07Trip Forever preview
08Power Pep Thumper preview

If you find any music you may want to sing to, or if you have specific music genres in mind, please contact the composer/producer C.P.Bryan (please state that you were referred from MUSICFORSINGERS.COM) at the following email address:
These music compositions are also available for royalty free video production use from the online stock music library: