Purchasing Free Soundtrack Music download credits makes you a "member" (registered system user) of the FSM online music library service. This gives you access beyond the limited number of example listing pages available to "guest" (anonymous) visitors to the site.

Before purchasing credits, please read the licensing terms and limitations section.

How to purchase Freesoundtrackmusic.com Licensing/Download Credits:
  1. Buy a download credit package using one of the Secure PayPal Purchase links shown below
  2. Use your credit(s) by Logging on to the freesoundtrackmusic member's server with your user name (email address associated with your PayPal order) and a password (a combination of your first and last names with no space in between)
  3. Preview full-length versions of the available compositions, then download the track(s) you want to use in your production
The FREESOUNDTRACKMUSIC system is administered by parent company
"InterAnnex Web Applications"
(this is the company name appearing on PayPal orders.)
*Tax info for Canadian Customers: GST/HST is included in the order price.

Download credits can be purchased individually or in "DOWNLOAD PACKS" as described below:

60 day Login Access to the online library, Plus: You can download and use any 1 "1-credit" track and an unlimited number of available "FREE" tracks.


60 day Login Access to the online library, Plus: You can download and use any 6 1-credit tracks plus any number of available "FREE" tracks.


60 day Login Access to the online library, Plus: You can download and use any 12 1-credit tracks plus any number of available "FREE" tracks.


60 day Login Access to the online library, Plus: You can download and use any 24 1-credit tracks plus any number of available "FREE" tracks.

Login instructions:
Your Paypal order will automatically create a user account on the freesoundtrackmusic server. Your default login credentials will be the email address that you used to make your Paypal order, plus a password which will be the combination of the first name and last name you used for your order, without spaces. (For example, if your name is Jane Smith, your initial default password will be assigned by the system as: janesmith.) IMPORTANT NOTE: If there are ANY spaces (blanks) in your first or last name for whatever reason, they will be removed by the system when making your initial password. You can log in as a member at any time from the Freesoundtrackmusic home page by clicking the "login" link as shown below, or using the login page located here.

login link on home page

This login information will also be emailed to you, but many email servers now flag system-generated emails as spam, so the confirmation email may end up in your "bulk" or "spam" folders. If your default password does not work contact: info@freesoundtrackmusic.com for support.

More important info about download credits and account access:

Registered User Additional System Functions:
There are a number of system functions available to members which are not available to anonymous visitors. These expanded features are described in the freesoundtrackmusic.com system registered user's guide. Members have online access to the F.S.M. music library for a period of 60 days following the most recent purchase of download credits. During this time, you can listen to full-length preview versions of any tracks from the F.S.M. library and download (license) "1 credit" tracks up to the maximum limit of download credits purchased. Your royalty-free license will continue to exist indefinitely beyond this 60 days and will apply to all the music you have downloaded from freesoundtrackmusic.com during the period of time that you were a member.

Account Expiry:
60 days after download credits purchase, your "member" status will expire. You will NOT be automatically charged for a renewall. To renew your login access for another 60 days, simply buy another download credit or "download pack". Note: You may purchase additional download credits at any time. Each time you purchase additional download credits your "member" status will be extended for another 60 days (from your latest purchase date). To keep the same account and password after each renewal, always use the same email address for each PayPal order

How to download "1-credit" tracks:
Logging in will replace all of the "[buy credits]" links which currently point to this page with active download links:

Downloading will save a Zipped version of the selected track to your computer hard drive. (The file will have to be extracted from .zip format before you can use it with your video editing software). Licensees may continue to make royalty-free use of downloaded tracks for an unlimited period of time. You do not have to use up all of your download credits in one session: you will continue to have login access for a period of 60 days (after which point your user account will expire).

For more details about how the F.S.M. system works, check the F.A.Q's page.

Licensing Details And Limitations:

Purchasing Free Soundtrack Music download credits makes you a "member" (registered system user) of the FSM online music library service. PLUS: You are granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the tracks you download from freesoundtrackmusic.com in film, video or multimedia productions you produce (including productions intended for sale or advertising purposes) without attribution (which means you don't have to include a reference to Freesoundtrackmusic.com anywhere in the production credits). This license is granted for each of the 1 credit tracks you download in addition to any of the tracks designated as "FREE".

What is a "Synchronization License"?
The general licensing terms described on this page apply to all music available from freesoundtrackmusic.com. When you buy download credits for the freesoundtrackmusic.com music library, you are purchasing what is known as a Synchronization License. With this type of license you have the right to "synchronize" the recordings with video, film, presentations (or other "visual" or "multimedia") content. Video producers who use music from this site should NOT produce videos which have no significant content other than the music downloaded from this service (where the "video" is merely a medium to distribute the music).

Tracks from freesoundtrackmusic are not to be used as backing tracks for other musicians OR in audio-only productions:
Musicians, DJs, music producers, poets or audiobook narrators DO NOT have authorization to USE FSM recordings in their productions. (This applies even when the new musical work is intended only to appear in video or film). Radio, Internet Radio or any other audio-only public performance is also prohibited.

License Scope: This license agreement exists between YOU (or the company you represent) AND the COPYRIGHT OWNER (freesoundtrackmusic.com does NOT own the copyrights to the music which is uploaded to the website - for more information about how the licensing works from the copyright owner's perspective, please read the soundtrack composer's royalty free licensing agreement.)

Proof of License Documentation:
For larger commercial enterprises requiring legal documentation, a signed "Proof of License" document (in pdf format) can be created for an additional fee. To request an example contract template in PDF format, please email info@freesoundtrackmusic.com.

*These license terms apply to all music licensed from freesoundtrackmusic.com from August 1, 2012 to the present date.

Copyright notice: All music compositions hosted @ freesoundtrackmusic.com are copyrighted by their respective composers indicated in the "description" section accompanying each track. To further protect the rights of the copyright owners, audio recordings are registered and stored with an independent 3rd party copyright registration service.