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A showcase of videos featuring music by composers:

If you have a video which makes use of soundtrack music from the F.S.M. online library, you could get it previewed here by emailing the embedding code to:

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YouTube user and video game developer Will Ng has used a track by freesoundtrackmusic contributor Arif_Banto in the promotional trailer for his new game entitled "Aegic Crest":

This instructional video shows how to make a weird concoction called "Halloween Goo". For the soundtrack, the video producer has selected the track "Solidarity" by Rick Dickert. To audition more compositions for video production from Rick Dickert, check out his production music listing page.

Some really awesome slow motion videography is set to background music from freesoundtrackmusic in this YouTube video. The video producer has chosen a music selection from FSM contributing composer Mike Vekris, entitled "Looking in the Air" (which seems like a suitable soundtrack given the nature of footage!).

Cool 3-D printer footage from David Mussaffi: shows a 3-D scanner scanning a man and then transmitting the information to a 3-D printer to build a replica in real time. For background music, the video producer chose the track "Teenage Heartbreak Beats" by freesoundtrackmusic producer C.P.Bryan.

This Judo competition footage makes good use of an edgy / harcode techno track from the freesoundtrackmusic library entitled "Doctor Dread". The high-energy, exciting and dynamic nature of the sport is well-matched to the abrassive and stirring audio qualities of the music. To sample more music with an energetic techno edge, TRY THIS LISTING PAGE.

"Mayor’s Celebration of Lights, Lights of Boston" by Anthony Bastic from AGB Events and LuminARTZ at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square

Music Credits:
Organ Music For Ice Skating by Steve Lowther provided by
Lauren Noel, Xmas Brass and Winter Holiday Guitar by Rick Dickert provided by

"Ripple Vase (Dual Extrusion / 2 Color) Printed on BCN3D Sigma"

This fascinating video showing the process of printing a vase on a 3D printer is set to music by contributor Arif Banto. The synthetic tones of Arif's composition "Safe and Sound" are used to good effect: emphasizing the high tech subject matter of the video production. More music by Arif Banto HERE.

This new video from contributing artist John Bannister is like a travelogue featuring photography from a recent trip to India. "The pics are taken in Mumbai [Bombay] Rajisthan, and Udaipur [where Octopussy was filmed]". The accompanying background music is entitled "Bomba Blue" by by John Bannister and The Charisma Brothers. Although this specific track is not hosted @ freesoundtrackmusic, there are many others by John Bannister available for royalty free licensing from John Bannisters listing page.

Some beautiful ocean and beach scenery in this video pairs nicely with the mellow musical groove provided by "Under The Cobblestones" from The Stargazer Jazz project. Video shot and edited by John Bannister.

Animator and illustrator Woon Bing presents an impressive show reel backed by freesoundtrackmusic's Some Amusing Foibles: Woon Bing Animation Show Reel Video

Very engaging and impressive time lapse photography is used in this YouTube video which features the background music of FSM track "Spirit Bird Rainforest".

Royalty free production music from is even used here in a hair styling instructional video.

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