YouTube Videos Featuring Music From Composers

A showcase of videos featuring music by composers:

If you have a video which makes use of soundtrack music from the F.S.M. online library, you could get it previewed here by emailing the embedding code to:

This video: "Using Cut'n'Mix: Part 1: Burroughs Style Cut-ups" is an example of using a track from as the background to a narration (In this case instructions for using the Cut'n'Mix Postmodern word processing application). The music used for this soundtrack is by Lowther & Bryan and can be found in the F.S.M library by registered users using search terms like backdrop, soundscape or business.

Fun GoPro video camera footage of Monkeys using the track "Playful", from the FSM library, composed by Rick Dickert.

Some really awesome slow motion videography is set to background music from freesoundtrackmusic in this YouTube video. The video producer has chosen a music selection from FSM contributing composer Mike Vekris, entitled "Looking in the Air" (which seems like a suitable soundtrack given the nature of footage!).

This video shows time lapse videography of the comings and goings of people in Mexico City's "Parque Francisco Villa". For background music, the video producer has selected the track "Capodastra" by freesoundtrackmusic contributing recording artist Ilya Truhanov.

This informative video explains the concent of "Representative Democracy" and how the current status quo in most western democratic nations fails to live up the promise of "Government by and for The People". The three tracks used as background music used in this production can be found in the listing of Compositions by C.P.Bryan. More information about the proposed new social networking system intended for use by elected representatives and their consituents can be found at the PRODEMOCRACY website.

Steve Lowther's "The Headphone Trip" is used for background music in this Italian animated video which may be difficult for English speakers to decipher. Altogether, the visual imagery paired with the music makes for some fascinating viewing...

"The Pounding Rythms of America" is a collage of video footage and random poetry from C.P.Bryan. It is Phase 2 of a video trilogy entitled "Franchising Your Dreams" which takes a critical and often humorous approach to North American Pop Culture. In this segment, the background music is from new F.S.M. contributor Daniel Brown, with his track entitled "In-Flight Pop":

This video was filmed in New Orleans and uses the FREE track "Bamboozled Again", composed by Free Soundtrack Music founder C.P.Bryan. It is footage of the "FestiGals' Stiletto Stroll" which (in the words of the video's producer "brings people together in New Orleans to help shine a light on domestic violence while raising money for the New Orleans Family Justice Center". Great use of the energetic and funky vibe of this soundtrack music to help emphasize the spirit of fun and camaraderie portraid in the scenes of this video! And for a good cause too!

Here is some spectacular 4K video footage from Majestic Entertainment News which uses music from F.S.M. contributing recording artist IAMBRAHMS in the soundtrack. The background music is engaging and energetic, which works great for short subject YouTube videos.

This video from BOREDOM IS ENTERTAINMENT demontrates the ambient dub style of video production, wherein footage of natural landscapes is blended with man-made environments to produce a kind of moving visual mashup which may act upon the mind of the viewer to inspire more "right brain" holistic thinking. An appropriate audio background music pairing is achieved with the track "Luminescense" from F.S.M. contributing composer Stephen Graf.

Freesoundtrackmusic can be a great resource for student filmakers. The above YouTube video version of a Super 8 films is by Synde Han and features the composition "Meadow" by Enrico Altavilla. Enrico offers many of his original compositions for royalty free use. Check out his listing page @

This video from Rosa Frei Photography presents a stunning selection of photographs of the Sahara Desert. The soundtrack music used for this production is by F.S.M. contributing composer Enrico Altavilla, and is entitled "Quiet Reflection". An example of a successful pairing of this powerful and evocative music with breathtaking scenes of a foreboding, yet awe-inspiring natural environment.

This Judo competition footage makes good use of an edgy / hardcore techno track from the freesoundtrackmusic library entitled "Doctor Dread". The high-energy, exciting and dynamic nature of the sport is well-matched to the abrassive and stirring audio qualities of the music. To sample more music with an energetic techno edge, TRY THIS LISTING PAGE.
More YouTube Videos using music from
Animator and illustrator Woon Bing presents an impressive show reel backed by freesoundtrackmusic's Some Amusing Foibles: Woon Bing Animation Show Reel Video

In this video, university students discuss social issues. The intro music is from contributing artist Ilya Truhanov:
Social Drinking YouTube Video.

Very engaging and impressive time lapse photography is used in this YouTube video which features the background music of FSM track "Spirit Bird Rainforest".

Royalty free production music from is even used here in a hair styling instructional video.
Hey Kids! Find out how to make someting called Halloween Goo! For the soundtrack, the video producer has selected the track "Solidarity" by Rick Dickert. To audition more compositions for video production from Rick Dickert, check out his production music listing page.

Ripple Vase (Dual Extrusion / 2 Color) Printed on BCN3D Sigma
This fascinating video showing the process of printing a vase on a 3D printer is set to music by contributor Arif Banto. The synthetic tones of Arif's composition "Safe and Sound" are used to good effect: emphasizing the high tech subject matter of the video production. More music by Arif Banto HERE.

This next YouTube video delves into the background music recording process and what audio recording equipment is used in soundtrack composer C.P.Bryan's personal recording studio:
Retro Soundtrack Recording Stuio.

"UNBOXING" is a real, trending, phenomena, which some may say is now more popular than Tomb Raider's "Laura Croft". In this video, you get to see the actual real-life process of unboxing a high-end PC gamer unit, set to background music from the freesoundtrackmusic service(in this case we hear a soundtrack by Rob Belfiore.
Enjoy unpacking high-tech products!

Burnet researchers Clovis Palmer and Cath Latham join forces with Cupcake Central to raise awareness about Burnet Institute's HIV programs. Background music is from F.S.M's Lowther & Bryan...

Video: Sweet Bite For The Fight.

Take a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip with "High Mountain Mama". This video's soundtrack uses four compositions from the F.S.M. library including "Soar" produced/composed by Noisy Oyster:

Video: Vegas Strip.

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