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YouTube Videos by Free Soundtrack Music Users and Composers:

This video of travel memories uses background music from freesoundtrackmusic composer "Draganov89". To preview other music by the same artist which is available for downlod from this site, go to the Draganov89 Soundtrack Listing Page.

The above video presents an overview of the content and function of the freesoundtrackmusic system. For further information about how to get roylaty free video music from freesoundtrackmusic, check out the site guide.

Christmas 2020: New sampler video of Christmas and Winter Holiday Royalty Free Music:

Some really nice underwater footage of a family "freediving" while on Vacation in Croatia. The soundtrack is made up of compositions from four separate recording artists from the freesoundtrackmusic library...

"insignificance" by Bethra Delen: Begining with the somewhat sombre phrase "Life is chaos, and you are insignificant", the video then goes on to display a variety of fascinating scenes organized into 4 separate panels. The content ranges from wildlife and natural vistas to industrial and urban cityscapes. Backed by a music from longtime F.S.M. contributing composer Enrico Altavilla titled "A moment of reflection", the overall effect is a kind of life-affirming admiration for the patterns and landscapes of natural and human engineered landscapes... More music by Enrico Altavilla.