Guest Composer Agreement

Copyright and Licensing Terms:
Composers and/or producers who submit music to be included in the FSM stock music library retain 100% of their copyrights. provides the means for copyright owners to grant "synchronization licenses" to others who will use music tracks in multimedia, film, television, video game or online video productions, but does not assume any right of ownership of your compositions. The synchronization licenses which are issued to subscribers and visitors are non-exclusive and non-transferrable. Licensees who may purchase the rights to use your music DO NOT have any right to re-record, redistribute or resell any of the compositions that you upload to except as part of the soundtrack of their own multimedia projects.

You MUST OWN the copyrights of the music you sumbit! If there is any question about who owns the rights to the music you are considering submitting: DO NOT SUBMIT IT. This also applies to any of your compositions which are subject to exclusive distribution contracts: if you are a recording artist with a recording contract, it is most likely that your record company claims exclusive distribution rights over your music. In this case you will NOT have the authority to upload your music to the web and you should NOT upload it to You agree to take sole responsibility for any legal action arising out of use of recordings which you have uploaded to (It is recommended that you insert the appropriate tags in your mp3 files containing your copyright declaration.)

Profit Share and Payment:
All guest composers will be paid 70% of the subscription fees earned by their "SUBSCRIBER-ONLY" tracks. Payments will be made bi-monthly through PayPal only. As download (license) credits may be purchased in groups of 1,6,12 or 24, the actual earnings paid out per track will vary. Per-track earnings are calculated by dividing the total dollar amount of all download credit purchases received by the number of "1-credit" tracks downloaded over each 2-month period. 70% of the gross earnings generated by each composer's tracks will be paid to the composer. 30% of the gross earnings will be retained by FSM (which also covers the expenses incurred in running the FSM service such as: web server rentals, advertising costs etc.) To get a better idea of how much FSM subscribers actually pay for the rights to license the tracks, please read the license subscriptions purchase page.

Required "FREE" Tracks: attracts many site visitors who are looking for free music for their amateur productions. To become a "guest composer" at you must submit 1 free track out of every 5 tracks which you want to list in the freesoundtrackmusic library. Each "FREE" track must be of a reasonable quality and at least 30 seconds in length. (Required format is MP3 encoded at 128 kbps or greater sound quality.) After having submitted one "FREE use" track, you may submit up to 4 more tracks which are only for the use of paying subscribers. Each batch of five tracks you contribute after the first 5 must also include at least 1 "FREE" use track.
**Composers are not paid any fees for the download and use of their "FREE" tracks. A lower-quality excerpt of each submitted track will be created to allow users to preview the music before downloading. **

Use of for promotional purposes:
Freesoundtrackmusic will display the composer's name in the descriptive text associated with each track. Additionally, an entry on the "guest composers" page can include a short bio plus up to 2 links to external web pages for the composer's own marketing and publicity purposes.

Legal Agreement
By submitting music to, you grant the FSM subscription service (and parent company InterAnnex Web Applications) the authority to arrange legally binding licensing agreements between yourself and other parties which will allow them to use your compositions / recordings in their productions without further direct authorization from you. The licensing terms which will apply are described in detail on the subscriptions page.

How do I remove my tracks from
Composers may have their tracks removed from the FSM online subscription service at any time by sending an email request to . Important: The default license agreement allows users continued non-exclusive use of downloaded tracks for an unlimited period of time. Subscribers will continue to have the legal right to use any of your compositions which they may have downloaded even after you decide to remove your tracks from

If your questions are not answered here, email: