There are 2 types of licensees:
  1. Guests: Anonymous visitors to who have not purchased download credits
  2. Members: Registered Users who have bought download credits and therefore have account login access
Guests (Visitors) to
If you have NOT purchased any download credits, you are considered a Guest. You may download "FREE" tracks from any of the availble example search listing pages available on the Guest Server. You may use these "FREE" tracks for approved uses ONLY** AND must ALSO follow these instructions:

Somewhere in your video, presentation, game OR on your website or in any documentation which accompanies your production, you must identify either the Composer OR Producer of the track you want to use as follows:

[Song or Track Title] composed/produced by [Composer or Producer Name as identified in track description] provided by

for example:
Full Mellow Groove by C.P.Bryan provided by

Members (Registered Users):
Purchasing Download Credits makes you a member (registered user) of the freesoundtrackmusic royalty free library service. This means you can use ANY of the tracks (including an unlimited number FREE ones) that you have downloaded from the site during your subscription period for approved uses** WITHOUT having to put the composer name or website address in your production or accompanying documentation. (Your right to use the music continues indefinitely after your login access expires). A single download credit may be purchased for $4.50 USD from the: freesoundtrackmusic license credits purchase page.

** Approved Uses: includes video, film, video game or multimedia productions, but excludes musical or audio-only productions like radio, spoken word, poetry, audiobooks, podcasts. Music from cannot be used as part of a new musical composition or performace by a recording artist (even when it is not intended to be released in audio-only formats - for example: you cannot just sing along to music from the site and release it as your own music video). Music downloaded from cannot be resold, redistributed or posted to other web sites or services without authorization of copyright owners (as inidcated in the description section which accompanies each track). These licensing terms apply to tracks added to the library starting from March 23, 2011 up to the present date.

For more information about (synchronization) licensing options, go to the Licensing page