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F.A.Qs and Help Topic Links:

If your questions are not answered here, email: info@freesoundtrackmusic.com

General Questions:

A lot of the previews are very short. How can I listen to full versions of the tracks?

Purchasing any type of download pack (or even a single download credit) will allow you to preview full length versions of any of the tracks available in the FSM library. The different FSM purchase options are described on the Buy Credits page.

How can I see how many download credits I have left in my account?

After logging in from the F.S.M. home page, the login form changes to show your login name and a "Show account status" link. Clicking on this link will display a popup window showing the number of tracks downloaded, number of credits remaining and your account activation start date. Your account will be active for 60 days after the access start date.

I have not purchased any download credits. If I use one of the tracks from your site in my video, do I have to put "freesoundtrackmusic.com" in the actual video somewhere?

No. Many small productions (like Youtube videos) will not have a credits section. In these cases, a small mention in any of the descriptive text (either online or printed) accompanying the video will be sufficient. Alternately, purchasing a single download credit (for only $4.50 USD) entitles you to use either "FREE" or "1 credit" tracks in your productions without any mention of freesoundtrackmusic.com.

What software do you use to run the freesoundtrackmusic.com site and handle orders? Is it open source?

The F.S.M. audio file database and subscription processing system is a custom application developed and managed by InterAnnex Web Applications. If you are interested in implementing a similar system for your business or project, please contact: info@freesoundtrackmusic.com

I have a bad internet connection and I had to try downloading some of the tracks more than once for the download to complete. Are my download credits being used up even when I have to download the same mp3 file more than once?

You can download any "1 credit" track up to a total of 3 times. Separate downloads of the same track are not each deducted from the download credits total. If, for some reason you are still having trouble downloading a track after three attempts, contact F.S.M. support at the email address below.

Licensing terms and conditions for guest composers are set out in the Soundtrack Composer's Agreement document.

If your questions are not answered here, email: info@freesoundtrackmusic.com