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Mustangs2:581 credit
Not available
to guest users
Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicThis piece starts of slow and atmospheric, like water vapor rising slowly from the frosted earth as the sun rises... and then a stirring is seen on the horizon... the tempo picks up to suggest rising anticipation as now a herd of wild horses can clearly be seen galloping towards us across the plains... Composed by Joerg Schnitzler. Search for similar music: excitement, cinematic, orchestral.
Smile0:431 credit
Not available
to guest users
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicSunny and positive-thinking music useful for any video project with an enthusiastic and upbeat theme. Will get the ball rolling for whatever project is meant to be uplifting and motivational. Composed by Ilya Truhanov. Search for similar music: upbeat, cheerul, happiness, upbeat, breezy.
Chamber Mystery0:591 credit
Chamber Mystery
Not available
to guest users
Electronic, cold and calculating musicBass strings accompanied by piano, tremolo violins, French Horn and percussion play pondering pattern, suggested to underscore scenes of mystery and intrigue. Also intended to underscore sequences involving espionage, deceit and practical jokes. Key of G minor, 106 beats/min Stealth Spy Cool espionage Austin Powers private eye investigator investigation burglar burglary heist robbery robber bank trick switch sleight-of-hand crook. Composed by Rick Dickert. Search for similar music: intrigue, suspense, detective.
Go, Thats Right!!!2:011 credit
Go, Thats Right!!!
Not available
to guest users
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicIt is a high-spirited, positive thinking song. You have to grab what you need on the way to realizing your passion. Cheers...!!! Composed by Arif_Banto.
Synthetic Labyrinth2:50FREE
Synthetic Labyrinth
Frightening, horrifying and chaotic musicThe ongoing story of mankind dominated by his technological creations... Future Shock: the high-tech stress of information overload... Zooming down the information-stupor highway chased by evil hackers and the dark corporate goblins which hide behind every corner. Could work as good soundtrack music for a variety of sci-fi dystopian dramatic themes. Dark and sinister daydreams of the machine-controled world of the future! Composed by Lowther_and_Bryan.
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