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Heliotrope / 6:001 credit23-Nov-17
Not available
to guest users
Romantic, sensual and beautiful musicChill progressive house. Composed by Olah | More Music by Olah

A Sudden Danger / 2:15FREE20-Nov-17
A Sudden Danger
Frightening, horrifying and chaotic musicA calm tone of delight and wonder is suddenly broken by some impending threat or frightening event. Like in the plot of a fantasy story where the characters find themselves in some fascinating new world, only to discover that there are villains or monsters lurking... Composed by Joerg Schnitzler | More Music by Joerg Schnitzler
Fantasy / 3:441 credit19-Nov-17
Not available
to guest users
Romantic, sensual and beautiful musicMiracle crystal ambient fairy music for magic scene. Arpeggiated harp, vibrophone and piano create an airy athmosphere. Composed by Serge Quadrado. | More Music by Serge Quadrado

Theme Park Funster / 2:591 credit17-Nov-17
Not available
to guest users
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicHappy, jolly techno music which conjures images of theme park rides with a decidedly futuristic look and feel. Could be an advertisement for a day at "Funland", or perhaps the background music for a video demonstrating a new app which will help you organize your collection of buttons, smurfs or miniature trains... Composed by Steve Lowther | More Music by Steve Lowther
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