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Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicCatchy, melodic and positive electronic music track with a toe-tapping beat and smooth organ chords slowly layered throughout. Nice backdrop for animation or fast-moving imagery. Could fit with themes of technology, automation, travel and industry. Composed by Noisy Oyster | More Music by Noisy Oyster
Brazil2:051 credit
Not available
to guest users
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicLight lounge background South American jazz music for travel show. It is a latin music on cuica and piano sound with a lot of percussion. Composed by Serge Quadrado. | More music by Serge Quadrado
And the Winner is1:441 credit
Not available
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Agressive, rock and high energy musicThis dark hip hop beat has a very serious tone. It builds up using synths and after a low pass filter, the entire song fires up into a "pump up" type beat. Composed by Rob Belfiore | More Music by Rob Belfiore
Workout Piano2:081 credit
Workout Piano
Not available
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Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicPiano, bass guitar, vibes, drums, additional percussion and strings play energetic arrangement suggested for exercise routines, corporate Powerpoint presentations, Flash animations. Also for urban nightlife sequences. Key of G minor, 142 beats/min Pilates gym dancercise new age motivational convention gala festival awards bumper walkon walkoff introduction overture energy pumped training weights crunches. Composed by Rick Dickert | More Music by Rick Dickert
Slinky Dreams6:20FREE
Slinky Dreams
Imagination and fantasy musicSome may remember the novelty children`s toy from the 1970s called "The Slinky". It was a coil of metal wire which could walk down the stairs. Although simply a demonstration of normal physical laws, there was somehow a suggestion of autonomous or intentional action. This track has a smooth techno flow which might work well as background music for promotional videos for high tech toys. Composed by Steve Lowther | More Music by Steve Lowther
For futuristic or technological themes, try some Electronica Music

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