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Slow Fade / 5:461 credit18-Jul-17
Slow Fade
Not available
to guest users
Relaxing, soothing and light musicAmbient electronic sounds, slow pace as the day fades. Composed by Stephen Graf. Search for similar music: ambient, atmospheres, DJ_Decks, electronica, mellow, lounge.
Latin Uke Combo / 2:031 credit17-Jul-17
Latin Uke Combo
Not available
to guest users
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicLatin-inspired arrangement featuring ukulele, organ, marimba and percussion suggested to underscore care-free scenes of leisure, celebration and down time. Also to accompany images of destination vacations, poolside gatherings and tropical resorts. Key of D, 133 bpm... Composed by Rick Dickert. Search for similar music: whimsical, cartoon, Acoustic_Guitar, Ethnic-World.
At Night I Still Recall The Battle / 3:201 credit13-Jul-17
At Night I Still Recall The Battle
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy musicPowerful action-epic-adventure soundtrack music with a sweeping cinematic orchestral feel. String and horn sections plus thundering timpani drums all come together at a fast tempo to create a sense of flight, chase, struggle or military confrontation. Composed by Joerg Schnitzler. Search for similar music: epic, action, orchestral, cinematic, suspense, adventure, motion, powerful, Heavy_Drumming.
Camelot / 2:15FREE13-Jul-17
Imagination and fantasy musicAs the name suggests, this composition sounds like the soundtrack to a dramatic journey back to the era of the "Knights of the Round Table". A Old English style melody played on harp and pipes which could be a great soundtrack accompaniment to video footage of castles or the Elizabethan architecture... Composed by Enrico Altavilla. Search for similar music: documentaries, soundscape, environments, calm, Flute-Woodwinds, themes, cinematic, neoclassical,
Morning Light / 0:42FREE21-Jun-17
Morning Light
Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicThe bright sound of the sunrise. Good background music for peaceful and relaxing themes. Composed by Francis V. Search for similar music: relaxing, ambient, mellow, atmospheres, meditative, electronica.
For lighthearted and easygoing video production subject matter, try some Breezy Background Music.

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