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Master of Intrigue / 5:391 credit22-Jul-17
Master of Intrigue
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Solitude, emptiness and despair musicSounds like the soundtrack for mystery story about a stranger from an unknown, exotic land. Wind chimes, flute, bells and an array of sparse instrumentation is processed with echo and reverb to create a stark and somewhat ominous audio landscape. Good background music for detective, spooky or supernatural thrillers. Composed by Steve Lowther. Search for similar music: dark, orchestral, fear, suspense, intrigue, fascination, cinematic
Leaf Tumbling in Breeze / 2:28FREE21-Jul-17
Leaf Tumbling in Breeze
Nature and organic soundsSmooth echoing acoustic guitar and electronic atmospherics creates a sense of swirling and lighthearted abandon, with perhaps a tinge of melancholy. Good video production music for slow motion or footage of passing landscapes and scenery. Composed by C.P.Bryan. Search for similar music: motion, atmospheres, melancholy, smooth, Acoustic_Guitar, mellow.
Slow Fade / 5:461 credit18-Jul-17
Slow Fade
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Relaxing, soothing and light musicAmbient electronic sounds, slow pace as the day fades. Composed by Stephen Graf. Search for similar music: ambient, atmospheres, DJ_Decks, electronica, mellow, lounge.

Foreshadow / 2:151 credit17-Jul-17
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Electronic, cold and calculating musicSynthesizers, electric pianos, electric guitar and drums combine for a moody arrangement suggested to underscore scenes of mystery, espionage and discovery. Also for sequences depicted altered consciousness. Key of G, 70 bpm electronic dance club, urban night life, drug and alcohol party, nightlife, cosmopolitan, sexy, erotic, exotic, bump-n-grind, burlesque, drugs, alcohol, wine, shooters, altered consciousness, hallucination, party, investigative, scandal, tabloid, international, Pilates, aerobic, transitional, bar, hot spot, rave, trance, stripper, dancer, cosmopolitan, metropolitan, girls night out, stag, Sex and The City, Oceans Eleven, Glee, gala, extravaganza, epilogue, indie, student film, independent, trailer, short, TV, radio spots, advertisement, muzak, synthesizer. Composed by Rick Dickert. Search for similar music: detective, rock, Electric_Guitar, tension, intrigue
At Night I Still Recall The Battle / 3:201 credit13-Jul-17
At Night I Still Recall The Battle
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Agressive, rock and high energy musicPowerful action-epic-adventure soundtrack music with a sweeping cinematic orchestral feel. String and horn sections plus thundering timpani drums all come together at a fast tempo to create a sense of flight, chase, struggle or military confrontation. Composed by Joerg Schnitzler. Search for similar music: epic, action, orchestral, cinematic, suspense, adventure, motion, powerful, Heavy_Drumming.
Camelot / 2:15FREE13-Jul-17
Imagination and fantasy musicAs the name suggests, this composition sounds like the soundtrack to a dramatic journey back to the era of the "Knights of the Round Table". A Old English style melody played on harp and pipes which could be a great soundtrack accompaniment to video footage of castles or the Elizabethan architecture... Composed by Enrico Altavilla. Search for similar music: documentaries, soundscape, environments, calm, Flute-Woodwinds, themes, cinematic, neoclassical,
For lighthearted and easygoing video production subject matter, try some Breezy Background Music.

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