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Hotpants Conspiracy2:501 credit
Hotpants Conspiracy
Not available
to guest users
Romantic, sensual and beautiful musicFast-paced and gritty 1970s style funky crime movie background music: jazz-organ, conga drums and synthesizer wailing to add a postmodern edge. Composed by C.P.Bryan. Search for similar music: funky, cartoon, peppy, action, Heavy_Drumming.
At Night I Still Recall The Battle3:201 credit
At Night I Still Recall The Battle
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy musicPowerful action-epic-adventure soundtrack music with a sweeping cinematic orchestral feel. String and horn sections plus thundering timpani drums all come together at a fast tempo to create a sense of flight, chase, struggle or military confrontation. Composed by Joerg Schnitzler. Search for similar music: epic, action, orchestral, cinematic, suspense, adventure, motion, powerful, tension, excitement.
One2:451 credit
Not available
to guest users
Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicPositive vibed Jazz. Piano, trumpet, upright bass and drums create an upbeat, casual atmosphere. Good background or intro music for lighthearted video productions such as current affairs talk shows or slideshow presentations of photography. Composed by John Bannister. Search for similar music: upbeat, peppy, happiness, smooth, jazzy.
Dark Cloud2:12FREE
Dark Cloud
Relaxing, soothing and light musicAmbient textures and minimal keyboards resonate creating a thick audio cloud with subtle undercurrents of tension and foreboding. Good for dramatic scenes where you need to introduce a slight chill or foreshadowing of a new twist in the plot. Alternately, it might work as the accompaniment to a post-apocalyptic survey of the wreckage of civilization... Composed by Enrico Altavilla. Search for similar music: alienation, cinematic.
Charizard2:201 credit
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy musicSynthesizer based hip hop/trap beat. Produced by Olah. Search for similar music: hip-hop, urban, dancefloor, techno, powerful.
A Fog of Dreams4:25FREE
A Fog of Dreams
Relaxing, soothing and light musicAmbient electronica recording which moves through a repeating cycle of textures and organ chords. A steady beat and bassline gives this otherwise foggy and amorphous cloud of musical impressionism a sense of structure and continuity. Good soundtrack music for documentaries about alien visitations. Composed by Steve Lowther. Search for similar music: atmospheres, ambient, electronica, dreamy, experimental.
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