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And the Winner is1:441 credit
And the Winner is
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy musicThis dark hip hop beat has a very serious tone. It builds up using synths and after a low pass filter, the entire song fires up into a "pump up" type beat. Composed by Rob Belfiore. Search for similar music: dancefloor, hip-hop, electronica, techno, upbeat, action, peppy, Synthesizer.
Harmony1:571 credit
Not available
to guest users
Nature and organic soundsA delicate and sentimental piano and voice piece suitable for themes of reconciliation, love, acceptance and calm. Like the gentle reward at the end of a long struggle... the romantic resolution at the end of a great adventure. Composed by Enrico Altavilla. Search for similar music: Piano_Keyboards, mellow, smooth, dreamy, sentimental.
Trance Dance2:39FREE
Trance Dance
Energetic, hopeful and inspirational musicUpbeat track that is great for workout and fitness videos or demonstrations. Also good for instructional videos and narration. fun and funky. Composed by IAMBRAHMS. Search for similar music: action, upbeat, motion, cheerful, excitement.
Wallyworld Magical Parade2:58FREE
Wallyworld Magical Parade
Bright, cheerul and youthful musicEveryone remembers the great cross-country journey of the Griswolds to get to that fabled land of endless fun and adventure known as "Wallyworld". This soundtrack piece is intended theme music for some imagined parade that might be held there at night: with sparkling neon lights and fireworks! Fun for all ages! Composeed by Steve Lowther. Search for similar music: kidshow, happiness, whimsical.
For Freedom2:451 credit
For Freedom
Not available
to guest users
Agressive, rock and high energy musicPowerful and emotionally charged epic composition which could help to evoke moods such as patriotism, pride, heroism, achievement and triumph over epic challenges. Good background music for scenes of battles, conflict, action and adventure. The intstrumentation is classic cinematic orchestral with stirring drums, horns and string section. Composed by Joerg Schnitzler. Search for similar music: cinematic, orchestral, Heavy_Drumming, action, adventure, powerful, epic, neoclassical.
Some Amusing Foibles1:43FREE
Some Amusing Foibles
Nature and organic soundsMarimba, strings and orchestral percussion give this perky ditty a cinematic feel. Composed by C.P.Bryan. Search for similar music: kidshow, orchestral, happiness.
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