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More videos including compositions from the FSM royalty free stock music library:

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This video from YouTube producer Greivin Fernandez Chinchilla demontrates the use of animation production software. For background music, the producer has selected the track "Soar", by F.S.M contributing recording artist "Noisy Oyster".

A documentary-style video production about a serious subject: "Why We March" is the story about how a women's march was organized in Ottawa, Canada. In the words of the producers: "...behind this huge movement is the four women organizers. This is the story of how they came together, creating a sisterhood and an experience that has changed their lives." The music selection for this video is a track called "A Gentle Passing" by Enrico Altavilla.

This video was filmed in New Orleans and uses the FREE track "Bamboozled Again", composed by Free Soundtrack Music founder C.P.Bryan. It is footage of the "FestiGals' Stiletto Stroll" which (in the words of the video's producer "brings people together in New Orleans to help shine a light on domestic violence while raising money for the New Orleans Family Justice Center". Great use of the energetic and funky vibe of this soundtrack music to help emphasize the spirit of fun and camaraderie portraid in the scenes of this video! And for a good cause too!

This video: "Using Cut'n'Mix: Part 1: Burroughs Style Cut-ups" is an example of using a track from as the background to a narration (In this case instructions for using the Cut'n'Mix Postmodern word processing application). The music used for this soundtrack is by Lowther & Bryan and can be found in the F.S.M library by registered users using search terms like backdrop, soundscape or business.

This video shows time lapse videography of the comings and goings of people in Mexico City's "Parque Francisco Villa". For background music, the video producer has selected the track "Capodastra" by freesoundtrackmusic contributing recording artist Ilya Truhanov.

Freesoundtrackmusic can be a great resource for student filmakers. The above YouTube video version of a Super 8 films is by Synde Han and features the composition "Meadow" by Enrico Altavilla. Enrico offers many of his original compositions for royalty free use. Check out his listing page @

This one is a travel video with footage from South Wales, around "Ferryport" and "Tenby". The Welsh countryside streams by through the train window and the foggy, but beautiful beaches and coastline are well suited to the background music track "Foghorn, Twilight, Memory" by F.S.M composer C.P.Bryan. More tracks for royalty free use from the same composer can be found HERE.

This video presents the viewer with a first hand perspective of a bicyclist riding around the streets of Los Angeles. The background music for the soundtrack is provided by the free usage track "Power Pep Thumper", composed and performed by contributing artists C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther..

Here is an installment from a video project entitled "The posting of 1,000,000 pictures (1 to 1000)". This episode features background music from composer C.P.Bryan entitled: "Bamboozled Again!". This track is available for download and royalty free use from THIS PAGE.

"OH NO! It's the last cookie!" This video presents an uncomfortable scenario where a couple who may otherwise be enjoying each other's company with wine and a snack are forced into a battle over the last remaining cookie. The music soundtrack features two compositions from freesoundtrackmusic: Solidarity composed by Rick Dickert and Countdown to Chaos composed by C.P.Bryan.

Published on Feb 10, 2017, this video, entitled "The Modern Surrealist Prometheus" uses the track "The Modern Prometheus", which is a collaboration from C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther. The music is available for free use in your own video productions, and can be download from THIS PAGE.

Additional notes on the video's production
Mary Shelley's subtitle for her novel "Frankenstein" was "The Modern Prometheus" - a fitting title for this FRANKENSTEIN COMMUNIST GANGSTER surrealist arrangement of random images, artwork and video assembled from the archives of C.P.Bryan. The objective was to create a kind of rock video in the tradition of the 1980s-1990s style: a kind of mystifying mashup "signifying nothing".

This dance performance video produced by Lance Foss features the track "Trip Forever" from the library. This track and others from the "MINTSAUCE" recording project can be auditioned HERE.

Check out more videos by Lance Foss on his YouTube Channel.

This video showcases the interiors of Jennifer Aniston's new home: background music is freesoundtrackmusic's Atomic Isle: Video of Jennifer Aniston's new home

Superhero makeup tips - backing music "Betamax Defender and The Vinyl Kid" provided by F.S.M.

This video from regular user Lance Foss is an original fable with backing music from composer Arif Banto:

A Fable By Lance Foss

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