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More videos including compositions from the FSM royalty free stock music library:

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Here is an installment from a video project entitled "The posting of 1,000,000 pictures (1 to 1000)". This episode features background music from composer C.P.Bryan entitled: "Bamboozled Again!". This track is available for download and royalty free use from THIS PAGE.

This undersea adventure from Goggle Boy Productions uses the track "Stargazer Jazz" from the freesoundtrackmusic library. The music is effectively used here to underscore and combine with an array of mysterious images: disorienting and compelling scenes of jellyfish, plant life and the sun and sky seen through the random fluctuations of the water's surface.

"Mayor's Celebration of Lights, Lights of Boston" by Anthony Bastic from AGB Events and LuminARTZ at the Boston Public Library, Copley Square

Music Credits:
Organ Music For Ice Skating by Steve Lowther provided by
Lauren Noel, Xmas Brass and Winter Holiday Guitar by Rick Dickert provided by

Published on Feb 10, 2017, this video, entitled "The Modern Surrealist Prometheus" uses the track "The Modern Prometheus", which is a collaboration from C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther. The music is available for free use in your own video productions, and can be download from THIS PAGE.

Additional notes on the video's production
Mary Shelley's subtitle for her novel "Frankenstein" was "The Modern Prometheus" - a fitting title for this FRANKENSTEIN COMMUNIST GANGSTER surrealist arrangement of random images, artwork and video assembled from the archives of C.P.Bryan. The objective was to create a kind of rock video in the tradition of the 1980s-1990s style: a kind of mystifying mashup "signifying nothing".

This dance performance video produced by Lance Foss features the track "Trip Forever" from the library. This track and others from the "MINTSAUCE" recording project can be auditioned HERE.

Check out more videos by Lance Foss on his YouTube Channel.

This informative, instructional video from YouTube user "wesleypipesSRH" gives novices some insight into the use of "bongs". Although I cannot condone the ingestion of plants, chemicals or organisms which are still illegal in many of the United States, I could not resist posting this video which I think makes very good use of 2 of my techno tracks, namely : "Betamax Defender and the Vinyl Kid" and "Wasted on Youth".

This new video from regular user Lance Foss is an original fable with backing music from composer Arif Banto:
This video showcases the interiors of Jennifer Aniston's new home: background music is freesoundtrackmusic's Atomic Isle: Video of Jennifer Aniston's new home

Superhero makeup tips - backing music "Betamax Defender and The Vinyl Kid" provided by F.S.M.

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