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C.P.Bryan has been recording and releasing electronic soundscapes, dance grooves and audio collages for well over two decades using a variety of artist names such as "Glitch", "Space Experiments", "Grizzled Greedigut" and "Protoflake". As an avid participant in the home recording revolution of the 1990s made possible by four track tape decks, he quickly adapted to computer-based music recording workstations and online distribution systems as they became available. In addition to developing the Free Soundtrack Music system, C.P.Bryan has released a number of other applications for use by artists and creative writers.

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The first edition of the Free Soundtrack Music System was initially developed and deployed by C.P.Bryan in 2008: The system design objective was to create an online library of music for video producers which would allow them to easily browse, preview (audition) and download compositions to use in their soundtracks on a royalty free basis. The first release of the music library was very limited - containing only music composed by C.P.Bryan. Before long, other recording artists began to contact the developer/producer with requests to post their own music... As of June 2018 the library contains over 1,500 recordings (with new compositions being added every week). There are now sixteen different contributing composers (or "recording artists") from diverse locations including Canada, Australia, Germany, Greece, The United States, Russia and Asia... Prior to the development of the F.S.M system, Bryan developed a number of desktop applications for use by creative artists - the most popular of which was a weird random word processor called Cut'n'Mix: Originally distributed as a shareware application requiring licensing fees, this application has been re-released for FREE DOWNLOAD. If you are a composer of lyrics or a creative writer, you may want to check it out @ Cut'n'Mix Random Word and Poetry Generator.

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"Lost in Hockeyland (Body Check)" Tells the story of growing up in the Canadian North, where for six months of the year you could just spray water from a garden hose over your backyard to create an instant hockey rink (due to climate change the phenomenon of "instant hockey rinks" has been shortened to 3 or 4 months). For a transplanted, uniform-wearing English schoolboy, this new environs was a strange, violent and magical place!

"Eternal Sunshine of Dub Mind" shows the influence of Jamaican Dub Reggae, which has been a favourite genre of C.P.Bryan since the 1980's:

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June 2018: A recent techno music video promotion features two of C.P.Bryan's electronic music tracks: "Chased by Spacemonkies" and "Hip New Boombox":