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October 2020: About the "Free Soundtrack Music" System:
The Free Soundtrack Music System was developed by C.P.Bryan as an online platform for video producers to easily browse, preview (audition) and download compositions to use in their soundtracks on a royalty free basis. As of October 2020 the library contains over 1,600 recordings with different contributing composers (or "recording artists") from around the globe. Prior to the development of the F.S.M system, Bryan developed a number of desktop applications for use by creative artists - the most popular of which was a weird random word processor called Cut'n'Mix: Originally distributed as a shareware application requiring licensing fees, this application has been re-released for FREE DOWNLOAD. If you are a composer of lyrics or a creative writer, you may want to check it out @ Cut'n'Mix Random Word and Poetry Generator. For more of a personal profile of C.P.Bryan, check out C.P.Bryan's bio page @

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C. Paddy Bryan has been recording and releasing electronic soundscapes, dance grooves and audio collages for well over two decades using a variety of artist names such as "Glitch", "Space Experiments", "PROTOFLAKE" and "Grizzled Greedigut".

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October, 2020: New section added to the Cut'n'Mix site (dedicated to hosting software and collage experiments by C.P.Bryan). This new "Cut'n'Mix Records" area of the site features complete versions of previously released albums plus new compilations of tracks which have not previously been released anywhere else. The first three offerings includes the titles "Harshing The Buzz", "Jive Honky Dub" and "Chronicles of The Weird West". At present, each of these albums are available for free download for your listening pleasure only from Cut'n'Mix.

Example tracks from Cut'n'Mix Records Albums produced by C.P.Bryan:

Album name: "Harshing The Buzz", Track Name: "Full Electric Breakfast":

Album name: "Jive Honky Dub", Track Name: "The Flowers of Krypton":

Album name: "Chroncicles of The Weird West", Track Name: "That Desolate Groove":

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