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Winter 2022 News: Brazilian guitarist-composer Anderson Paiva is the newest addition to the list of free soundtrack music composers. The following demonstration video highlights the artist's diverse talents as a musician and producer of production music. To preview the full library of music available by this artist, go to Anderson Paiva's Music Listing Page.

October 2022: This Halloween music sampler video features spooky, frightening and scary music selections from the freesoundtrackmusic royalty free music library:

Techno, Synthetic and Electronic Background Music for 2022:

Free soundtrack music videos released prior to 2022:

"Countdown to Chaos" by C.P.Bryan:

"Under The Cobblestones" by Stargazer Jazz (video produced by John Bannister):

"Mystic Resonance" by Stargazer Jazz (video produced by C.P.Bryan):

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