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Royalty Free Jazz Music by Stargazer Jazz
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Royalty Free Music by Stargazer Jazz

Steve Lowther - keyboards

John Bannister - trumpet

C.P.Bryan - guitars, drums, mixing

The inception of Stargazer Jazz can be traced back to Vancouver, Canada in the mid-nineteen-eighties: C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther experimented with electronic jazz and performance art along with a variety of other like-minded musicians and artists. The "sound" was largely raw, improvised and organic. In the years since, the recording output of these two had become increasingly synthesizer-based and heavily programmed. Then, in 2015, Australian jazz trumpet player John Bannister began playing along to selected Lowther & Bryan recordings. John's trumpet tracks inspired a return to a more organic, free-flowing "sound". To check out the full listing of Stargazer Jazz recordings available for royalty free use in your video productions, check out the [Stargazer Jazz Track Listing Page].

Two new videos for May 2023:

"A Tourist's View" is a slideshow gallery featuring the artwork of C.P.Bryan. The royalty free music used in this selection is a composition titled "Clandestine Operative" by Stargazer Jazz:

This next new video showcases the Stargazer Jazz track "The Informant":

This next YouTube video was filmed and edited by John Bannister.
It uses the Stargazer Jazz track "Under The Cobblestones"
as background music to some beautiful footage of a beach in Australia.

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