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Royalty Free Jazz Music by Stargazer Jazz
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Royalty Free Music by Stargazer Jazz

Steve Lowther - keyboards

John Bannister - trumpet

C.P.Bryan - guitars, drums, mixing

Stargazer Jazz is a recording project which combines the talents of three artists who also contribute separately to the royalty free library @ FSM as individual composers. More than two decades ago, C.P.Bryan and Steve Lowther rehearsed their experimental jazz in the basement of the historic "Classical Joint" jazz bar in Vancouver, Canada. In those days, Steve played the clarinet and C.P.Bryan played the drums. In the years since, the recording output of these two became increasingly synthesizer-based and heavily programmed. The recent aquaintance with jazz trumpet player John Bannister presented an opportunity to try a new collaboration which marks a return to those early days of jazz experimentalism. The collaborative recording process usually starts with a jazzy sounding composition written by Steve Lowther, which is then added to by C.P.Bryan with drums and percussion, guitars and ambient effects. Next, John Bannister adds some jazz trumpet tracks. Finally, the resulting multitracks are editied and mixed by C.P.Bryan. To check out the full listing of Stargazer Jazz recordings available for royalty free use in your video productions, check out the [Stargazer Jazz Track Listing Page]. To watch freaked-out music videos featuring some of the music from the Stargazer Jazz project, [CLICK HERE].

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