November 2022: New video of John Bannister and fellow group members of "KLANG" performing live:

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John Bannister is a musician based in Western Australia. Known primarily as a trumpet player and vocalist in his Jazz and blues based band The Charisma Brothers:

Charisma Brothers Page

He is also interested in sound production and soundscapes incorporating natural sounds and ambient music. He has travelled extensively throughout Australia performing in numerous musical outfits and has performed internationally in Indonesia, England and Paris and has busked throughout Australia and Europe. His compositions are influenced by his travel to different cultures.

This YouTuve video from John Bannister is like a travelogue featuring photography from a recent trip to India. "The pics are taken in Mumbai [Bombay] Rajisthan, and Udaipur [where Octopussy was filmed]". The accompanying background music is entitled "Bombay Blue" from the CD release by John Bannister and The Charisma Brothers. Although this specific track is not hosted @ freesoundtrackmusic, there are many others by John Bannister available for royalty free licensing from John Bannisters listing page.

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