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ALL Tracks in this online music library are available for royalty-free use in films, video games, YouTube videos or other digital multimedia productions. ALSO: The recordings labeled as "FREE" can be used without any payment of licensing fees provided that the composer or producer name(s) and the URL (web address) of this web site are included in the "credits" section of your production as described in the licensing terms. Tracks labeled as "1 credit" can be downloaded and licensed with the purchase of credits.

Example selections from the F.S.M Royalty Free Music Library:

  • Track Name / Length / Status: Hopeful Corporate / 1:51 / 1-credit
  • Composed by: Fresh_sound
  • Description: Enthusiastic pop rock groove for motivation and inspiration. Helps create an atmosphere of progress and gaining momentum...
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Bright, cheerul and youthful music

  • Track Name / Length / Status: Labyrinth / 4:29 / FREE
  • Composer: Enrico Altavilla
  • Description: An intriguing soundtrack for journeys into alternate realms: A repeating and evolving melodic synthesizer pattern is mixed with ambient layers of mysterious and foreboding atmospheric tones. This music should make for a good audio background for documentaries focussed on science and technology or dramatic video productions in the fantasy, adventure and sci-fi genres...
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Electronic, cold and calculating music

  • Track Name / Length / Status: Journey to the Silence / 2:45/ 1-credit
  • Composer: Composed by Arif_Banto
  • Description: A smooth orchestral composition, like a shimmering light fading out in your mind and helping to let your body relax. What happens when you are alone and stop all your activity for a moment to lisen to the sounds of silence...
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Medidative and spiritual music

  • Track Name / Length / Status: Planet Tralfamadore / 2:36 / FREE
  • Composer: C.P.Bryan
  • Description: Inspired by the Kurt Vonnegut novel Slaughterhouse Five, wherein the main character becomes an exhibit in a zoo on an alien planet. This track is very heavily overdubbed with rhythms: the past and future occuring simultaneously like the Tralfamadorean capability of perceiving time as an extra dimension...
  • Preview:
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  • Track Name / Length / Status: One / 1:59 / 1-credit
  • Composer: John Bannister
  • Description: Positive vibed Jazz. Piano, trumpet, upright bass and drums create an upbeat, casual atmosphere. Good background or intro music for lighthearted video productions such as current affairs talk shows or slideshow presentations of photography...
  • Preview:
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  • Search for similar music by color association: Energetic, hopeful and inspirational music

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