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Bakground Info for Composing Duo Lowther & Bryan:
portrait of soundrack music composer steve lowther
music artwork: magic fingers deluxe
album artwork 2, Lowther & Bryan Soundtrack Music
stock music: Alien Tumbleweeds
Graphic Image for Rattlesnake Desert Dub
Photo of Soundtrack Music Composer C.P.Bryan
New Music Video for June 2018: The Video "Forms, Structures and Light #3" was filmed and edited by C.P.Bryan and uses the Lowther & Bryan track "Electrofuzz 4-29" as the soundtrack:

Steve Lowther and C.P.Bryan met in Vancouver, Canada in the 1980s. After a period of time performing live, improvisational and experimental music, they started collaborating on computer-based electronic music recordings. Dating back to the late nineties, these electronic music compositions could be described as "ambient textures" or "sound collage" - the type of music which works well as background or soundtrack music for film or video productions. When C.P.Bryan started the service, Lowther and Bryan had not worked together on any new music since the early part of the new millenium, but found that this new online platform for publishing and licensing compositions was a perfect opportunity for restarting their collaboration...

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