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portrait of soundrack music composer steve lowther
music artwork: magic fingers deluxe
album artwork 2, Lowther & Bryan Soundtrack Music
stock music: Alien Tumbleweeds
Graphic Image for Rattlesnake Desert Dub
Photo of Soundtrack Music Composer C.P.Bryan

Quick Pick Selections from the Lowther & Bryan Production Music Library:

"Vertigo Music" presents an edgy cinematic ambience for stories about conspiracies, detective mysteries or pretty much any kind of suspensful drama video...

"Bleak House Techno": This instrumental track was composed and recorded in 2017, but borrows heavily from the underground danceclub sounds of the 1990s - drum machines, arpeggiated bass synthesizer and ethereal, heavily-effected chords create an atmosphere of alienation and technological overload...

Steve Lowther and C.P.Bryan met in Vancouver, Canada in the 1980s. After a period of time performing live, improvisational and experimental music, they started collaborating on computer-based electronic music recordings. Throughout the late 1990's the duo recorded a series of dance, ambient and progressive rock tracks, many of which were released on one of the first online music distribution platforms: MP3.COM. A decade later, following the launch of, Lowther & Bryan started collaborating on new compositions intended primarily for use as soundtrack music. Most of the new compositions are now available for royalty free licensing from the Lowther & Bryan Music Listing Page.

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